From The Outside Looking In
From The Inside Looking Out
“Working alongside famed executive producer and director Grant Austin Waldman as his cinematographer in 1998-2001 was a tremendous inspiration for me. This was a pinnacle in my career because it motivated me to explore new challenges and new venues in the movie making industry.” Grant was director and executive producer for films such as Teenage Exorcist (1991), Beverly Hills Vamp (1989), The Channeler (1990), Bad Girls from Mars (1990), and so much more. He’s currently finished writing his new book titled ‘Finding Gissy Springs, A Journey to Happiness.’
“I never place any heavy burdens on models. I let them (and even encourage them) to be as creative as their heart desires. By giving them the freedom to do so, it gives us both what we’re striving to achieve. I’m there to guide, encourage, and support them. Models feel comfortable when they’re around familiar settings; therefore I always make it a point to encourage them to incorporate their hobbies, talents, special skills, and sometimes even their fantasies into the project. It’s then that we can create truly amazing artwork.”
 “For me, photography is much more than just an art, or even that of creating art. It’s more about freedom of expression, and creating the kind of environment necessary to allow a model to exhibit the most freedom of expression. It’s about connecting, developing relationships, and capturing a story within that precise moment of time.”

“Photography allows me to create whatever I desire. I’m the artist. I capture and create expressions of joy, of sadness, of love, of sensuality, of happiness, and more. But I must capture these at the right moment in time; otherwise it’ll be lost forever.”

“A model photographer can never be truly successful if all he’s thinking about is his own needs and what he wants, and overlooks or neglects the needs and desires of his model.”

“A model does her finest work, not when she’s under pressure, but when she feels free to express herself without anticipating or expecting feelings of guilt or shame. That’s the environment I create for them…and it works amazingly well for the both of us.”

“A photographer’s job is not so much about taking and maintaining control, but to also properly guide and encourage a model to get the results you both desire. It’s all about relationship.”

“I work at making sure every shoot is especially fun, not only for me but for the model as well. I don’t want our shoot to feel like work for either one of us.”

“If you really love your work, then it doesn’t feel like work.”

“I want every model to not only feel individually unique, but also to realize that we’re both very important in creating a successful outcome. Each model is an individual masterpiece…as well as a talented artist. The fact is that we’re both artists who are working together in order to bring out the finest in each other.”

“Art is about expression. If we block it in any way, we stop it from ever coming into being.”

“I’ve combined two of the most important things, my passion for photography and my desire and commitment to help people reach their lifelong dreams and goals.”

“My goal now is to help hundreds of thousands of new models be launched on a successful start in modeling by providing them all the information necessary so that they can make a well informed decision.”

“I’m thrilled about what the future holds, not only for me, but mostly for all the models that will be working alongside me and investing their time and energy in my newest project, a project that’s going to help tens of thousands of new models worldwide learn everything they need to know BEFORE they begin to model so that they get off to a safe and successful start in the exciting world of modeling!”
 “Mike is very personable and lots of fun to work with. He creates a happy and fun environment to work. Models feel comfortable and relaxed when working with him. I’ve found quite a few of his models enjoying their shoots so much they want to stay longer than the time allotted for their shoot. And what’s equally amazing is that each walks away from their session feeling much better about themselves than they did when they first arrived. The numerous amounts of personal referrals Mike has received from his models…really says it all.”

“Mike has an especially unique and creative style in the way he works with his models. He puts them at such ease! I’ve never seen him criticize his models…but he’s always encouraging them. While some feel anxious when starting their very first shoot, it isn’t long at all before they’re both laughing and having fun! He always encourages models to be creative and work in their own comfort zone. He truly has an amazing way of bringing out the very best in his models, and his work shows it.”

 “Mike wants his models to feel that they’re not only with him to model, but that they’re an integral part of the success of the whole operation.”

 “Mike’s uniquely special style of shooting coupled with his vast expertise in the field only adds more depth to his friendly customer relations.”

“Mike’s array of experience in his field has opened up numerous opportunities to utilize his talents over the years. He’s been requested to appear at many national and international events, custom car shows, motorcycle events, weddings, surf festivals, and a host of additional assignments. He’s successfully created and produced well over one hundred documentaries and dozens upon dozens of promotional videos for both individuals and companies alike.”

“Although Mike currently has numerous opportunities available, he’s chosen to focus most of his attention and research on a project that will provide new models a comprehensive (yet simple) training course designed to give them the knowledge they need before they actively begin their modeling career. It’ll offer them clarity, save them time, and lots of money. Mike recognized that there was a huge problem within the modeling industry. He questioned (among other things) why so few models ever last more than a year (sometimes not even a month) in modeling. After careful and extensive study into problems models were experiencing, Mike orchestrated a solution…and it’s an amazing solution!”
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