FAN MAIL (Testimonials)
Here are a few testimonials of what professional models and photographers are saying about Tiki Hut Studios!

Mike! Youíre more then just a professional at the top of his game! Youíre a sweetheart! I had nothing but fun working with you!! Soon we will work again! Bella (model)

Great port! I'd love to shoot with you! Jewelz (model)

Thanks so much for the fun shoot today. I had a great time working w you, and look forward to shooting w you again! Briella Jaden (model)

Thanks for the request! Great port - if youíre ever interested in shooting PM me :) Angie Fleur (model)

REALLY nice port! =) xxSmiley (model)

Thanks for such a great shoot this weekend!!! The photos turned out amazing! Can't wait to shoot with you again! Barrett Perlman (model)

Fun, cool images! All my best... David Hilton (photographer)

Thanks for the FR, great work! Allegra (model)

Hey Mike!!! I just wanted to say your shots are great & thanks so much for helping me get some pics up for my port!! Canít wait to shoot with you again! You are so much fun to shoot with =) youngflynclassy (model)

Your port and your photos are hot. Maybe we can someday work together. Nadja Langen (model)

Thanks for the FR, you have some great work. Digital Design Imaging (photographer)

Heyyy, just wanted to let u know I got home safe. I had a wonderful time working with you. It completed my trip to Costa Rica. Marjorie (model)

If you are ever in SF I would love to shoot. Delilah (model)

I can't wait to shoot again! I also can't wait to see the results from the last shoot! I am fairly open next week so let me know what's up! :) Mandie (model)

Lovely port! Jeannette Valentin (model)

Awesome photog! Had a blast........ I wanna see some pix! Ashley Grace (model)

Hey, thanks for the FR! Great work. Let me know if you ever want to shoot! Jenn A Syde (model)

Stunning Work! xoxo Dolli Lo (model)

Thanks for the add! You have a very beautiful port! Lacey S (model)

I love your port! Great images! Katie XOXO (model)

Thanks for the add! Would love to work with you! Rockell Starbux (model)

When are we going to shoot again?! :) Alexis Grace (model)

Thank you! We should work together sometime! :D nice port! Zuhoor (model)

Thank you for the friend tag! Btw I love your port! Hope to work with you someday. =)
Bella Costanza (model)

Thank you so much! I hope to work with you! Ashleigh Markel (model)

Thanks for the F.R. You have some great work :) Kristen Tripp (model)

Thank you for the f/r...Your port is very impressive! All the best, Lainie Danielle (model)

Thank you for the FR. Nice port! Jennifer Simmons (model)

Hi Mike! Sorry this is long overdue!!! Thank you so much for helping me launch my modeling career! Each shoot just keeps getting better and better and the photos I have received are absolutely beautiful! You truly do bring out the best in me! Thank you also for doing the couples shoot with Jeremy and I! We had so much fun and absolutely love the photos! I am so excited to keep working with you and can't wait to see what photos are to come! I'm looking forward to our next shoot! Alia S (model)

Love your work! Stacey Dee (model)

Thank you so much :) I love your portfolio! Katrina Cassidy (model)

Thanks for the photo comment! Great work! Cassandra Dawn (model)

Thank you for the request! Nice work! Bernadett M (model)

Thanks for the FR and very nice port! Amanda Michaels (model)

Fab port, would love to work with u sometime! Xx Malibu Sparkle (model)

Much love from Toronto! Breanne Jennifer (model)

Beautiful photos!! Hopefully one day we can work together! Kyla (model)