About Tiki Hut Studios
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  Tiki Hut Studios was founded in May of 2009, and has quickly captured the hearts and passions of models and photographers alike for its amazingly creative innovative design and fun festive Tahitian style party atmosphere. The studios were fully completed in just under a year; housing your very own tiki bar, indoor stage, outdoor bamboo privacy fencing, tiki torches, hula skirts, coconut tops, hand woven hammocks, exotic lighting, music of your choice, outdoor bamboo hot showers, hot tub with waterfall, with a beautiful tropical backdrop of banana trees, thick foliage, and a variety of beautiful flowers. Tiki Hut Studios has become one of the most unique photo studios in all of Central Florida.

  Located right next to Universal Studios in Orlando, the theme park had been a notable inspiration in the creation of the studios. Having a vision of Tahiti and the Polynesian Islands, the concept was to bring the fun and relaxation of the islands to Florida, but better yet, right into the studio! By doing so, a uniquely warm and fun atmosphere had been created. Better atmosphere. Better environment. Better photos!

  Having both indoor and outdoor studios, photographers and models have captured an amazing assortment of exotic and creative photos in just one location. The studios allow models to perform optimally, not only to achieve outstanding photos, but also to experience something remarkably different and quite memorable when it comes to photo shoots. Tiki Hut Studios is a leader in the industry in creative design and utilizing the newest innovations in developing a comfortable and fun-filled atmosphere for models to work.

  Tiki Hut Studios was born from over 15 years of collective experience and work as a freelance videographer and photographer. While I greatly enjoyed my freelance work, my desire eventually turned to focusing my efforts in just one area, modeling. Then my desire expanded in creating an especially unique environment that would be both equally enjoyable for me and my models. In fact, over time I found the models were actually having even more fun than I was! I also discovered that no matter where I traveled to do shoots, the spirit of the studios was with me wherever I went. Today, the majority of my photo shoots are taken in natural settings in the great outdoors using natural lighting (in forests, parks, springs, at the beach, and other exotic locations). Even though indoor studios certainly do have their advantages (controlled setting) I still prefer shooting outdoors. While I greatly enjoy my work as a photographer, I also desire that my models have fun as well. I wanted to give them an opportunity to make every photo shoot to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, one that they’ll always remember and cherish and share with others. And now they have it!

  “Give them what they want, and you’ll get the photos you want.”
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