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  On my 7th birthday I received a special gift from my dad. It was my very first box style Kodak 35mm camera. Little did I know then, that the gift he gave would ultimately transform my life into much of what it is today. I began taking pictures the moment I took the camera out of the box Ölots of themÖand Iíve never stopped since! Since that day Iíve shot well over a million photographs. (And in case you were wondering) those million plus photos were not all taken with that camera! Much to my surprise that camera somehow managed to survive for quite some time even with all the use I put it through. Today I still own many hundreds of photos that I originally shot with my first Kodak camera.

  Photography quickly became a major passion in my life. During high school I joined the schoolís photo club. I worked many hours in the darkroom learning how to develop and print negatives. I enjoyed going along on school trips so I could attend special events for photo opportunities. Later my confidence was lifted high when I discovered that quite a few of my photos had been published in the junior and senior high school yearbooks.

  Photography and videography had become so much a part of my life that for me to be seen without a camera is a rarity. My cameras have become much a part of me, like that of having another arm. Over the years, Iíve experienced the excitement and joy of travelling the world, having visited well over 40 countriesÖcapturing stunning photographs and video footage throughout Öof everything from worldwide special events to that of experiencing the joy of a childís first birthday party. During the past 20 or so years, I'd started investing more of my time working with models, in fact over 300 of them. A number of the models Iíve had the pleasure of working with have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Hawaiian Tropics Calendars, and numerous other media publications. Others have moved on and become professional DJís, writers, actors and actresses in major Hollywood productions.
  During my career, Iíve documented several thousand hours of video and captured well over a million photos. Today Iíve become more and more passionate about my work than I've ever been before. The journey...and the fun...has only begun!
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  About The Photographer / Videographer
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Iíve had the great pleasure of working with the following national and international companies as well as many high profile (even famous) individuals. Additionally, Iíve enjoyed the opportunity of attending and documenting many special events throughout the world.
Listed below are a partial summary of the names of companies and individuals Iíve worked with over the past 20 years as a photographer, videographer, cinematographer, and editor: Quite a few of them have developed into great long-lasting relationships:

Walt Disney Studios (photographer)

Wide World of Sports (photographer)

Mascot Olympics (photographer)

University of Central Florida (videographer)

Olympic Ballroom Dancing Competition (videographer)

Professional Russian Ballet Artists Competition (videographer)

Video Production Center, Winter Springs, Florida (videographer, editor)

Hawaiian Tropics, Ormond Beach, Florida (photographer)

Sidney Green (NBA All Stars) (videographer)

Taurean Green (NCAA Men's Division Basketball Championship) (videographer)

Bill Rodd, Producer, Lightning Creations (cinematographer)

Grant Austin Waldman, Director, Executive Producer (cinematographer)

Brinke Stevens (Movie Actress - 1998 Victoriaís Shadow) (cinematographer)

Harley Davidson Biker Block Party, Ormond Beach, Florida (photographer)

Easyrider Bike Rodeo, Chillicothe, Ohio (videographer)

Gasparilla Pirate Festival, Tampa, Florida (photographer)

Cruisefest Nationals, Ohio (photographer, videographer)

Knights of Sant' Yago Knight Parade, Tampa, Florida (photographer)

Brooksville Old School Biker Rally, Brooksville, Florida (photographer)

Leesburg Bikefest, Leesburg, Florida (photographer)

In The Wind Magazine (photographer)

Bike Week, Daytona Beach, Florida (photographer, videographer)

Biketoberfest, Daytona Beach, Florida (photographer, videographer)

United States Navy (photographer)

Xymogen Professional Neutraceuticals (photographer)

Boy Scouts of America (videographer)

Maya Lounge Restaurant, Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica (photographer)

Customized Productions (photographer, videographer, editor)

BK Productions (videographer, editor)

AMX Video (videographer, editor)

Playa Hermosa Surfing Competition, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua (photographer)

Festival National de Las Artes, Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica (photographer, videographer)

WJRR 101.1 Cocoa Beach Surf Festival (videographer)

...and many more to come!